I think it’s funny how some consider Monday the worst day of the week. Every other situation or day that offers the opportunity for a fresh start is celebrated. Birthdays, anniversaries, new moons, and seasonal changes all lead us down a path of renewal. For example, January rolls in with a heavy rush of New Year resolutions and green juice fuelled aspirations, while little old Monday always is getting left behind. What if we made that Monday morning feel alive and awake? We could fuel it with happiness and fill our morning cup of coffee with purpose for the day, week, month and year ahead.

I recently embarked on a new journey by learning how to broaden my perspective. I opened my heart and mind to the practice of meditation. Our lives are greatly affected by the thoughts and different energies we store inside and put out into the universe. This means that we are largely, if not fully, in control of our contentment, happiness and quality of life no matter what the circumstance. Without peace and happiness, what is there? By practicing active meditation, I was able to bring mindfulness into every aspect of my life. I found myself becoming more aware and present on a daily basis. I became less reactive and a much more positive human being. With that said, here are a few of my meditation ‘tricks’ to help get you started…

FGatineau River - Sarah Coxirst of all, don’t be so serious about it! Allow yourself to have fun with it, be easy going and take the pressure off. Be open to the idea of it, the feelings, experience and the whole darn thing! What I most recently learned in my on-going journey is that a calm mind allows for more focus on the task at hand. Consider it as a pause button; allowing you to take the time to breathe deeply and take things one step at time. Even if it’s only ten minutes long, making time for headspace has had a great impact in my life. Taking a pause from those pesky but persistent words that consistently swim through our minds. Although these thoughts are natural and necessary towards decision making, too many anxious thoughts, dwelling over the “what if’s” and wondering how on earth were going to get everything done can make it hard to focus or accomplish tasks. The whole idea behind meditation is not to ‘stop thinking’ (which I tried at first…hehe) but rather to allow thoughts, ideas, essentially anything and everything to flow through, honour it, appreciate it and let it go. They say the best time to meditate is when you feel you have no time. So when you are rushed, overwhelmed and generally exhausted by the never-ending due dates, these are the signals to find your centre.

Bringing mindfulness into our everyday routines is easier than it sounds and there are so many amazing ways to experience it! Meditation does not have to complicated, choose to step out of your comfort zone and dive right into the practice!

Meditation can be practiced in the traditional seated position or you can make it your own. It’s about taking the time to sit and breathe, whether that be closing your eyes on the bus on your way to work, taking five minutes from your lunch break or practicing it in your sacred space at home or at your favourite yoga studio. It is what you make it, knowing that meditation is a way of being , not a technique. I personally love meditating in the morning , it really starts my day off with purpose and reminding me of the power of the present moment.  Through this, mindfulness becomes a natural part of your being. It is focusing on the present moment and letting go of the past and future, being ‘here and now’. An opportunity to feel more connected to who you are and bring clarity and focus to your life. Even if your meditation practice did not turn out how you thought it would, the important aspect of it is that you took a moment of serenity for yourself. Like most things in life, mindfulness takes practice. Through practicing mindfulness in meditation I feel totally connected everything I do, whether it be taking fast strokes on the water, flowing in a yoga class or smiling at a stranger. I have experienced a decrease in stress levels and noticed an overall increase in my general happiness, peace of mind and training performance.  Knowing that whatever circumstances life gifts us, we have a choice in our response. We can make a choice that life is happening for us rather than to us.

Thanks for taking the time to read my blog post!  I also wanted to thank my Pure Yoga family and all the amazing teachers that have filled me up with inspiration, self worth and have brought so much light into my life! Helping me recognize that we are able to tap into an abundance of opportunities and happiness at any time! I hope this resonates with some of you! If you have any questions, comments suggestions please comment or head over to my contact page kindly!

Sending you all waves of gratitude and healthy happiness,