Cascades Family

I joined the Cascades Canoe Club at the age of six and I have been hooked on this sport ever since I took my first stroke on the Gatineau River. The Cascades Canoe Club has become my second home with early morning paddles followed by late afternoon practices every day. In addition to pursuing sporting and academic excellence, I am involved in a number of causes – as an Athlete Ambassador for

I coach the PaddleALL program, which promotes intellectually and physically disabled athletes to participate in the sport of sprint canoe-kayaking. Being the 2012-2013 school president of Philemon Wright High School, I was able to stay involved in our local community by volunteering in things such as the Food drive, Special Olympics and many more activities. I was honored to have the Lieutenants Governors award that same year.

I would not have gotten where I am today if it were not for the support I have from my family, friends and community. I am beyond fortunate that I have the opportunity to train on the beautiful Gatineau River daily, along with biking, running, swimming and cross-country skiing throughout the Gatineau Park.

My success has been driven by passion, many years of hard work and dedication. I have learned that training towards a goal means much more than just winning. This is why I aspire to sharing my experiences with Canadian youth and organizations to motivate them to pursue their own goals.

I realize that I have the ability to inspire a new generation of athletes from my community and I plan to continue to act as a role model for them because this is where my own inspiration first stemmed from.

Setting high standards is an important aspect of my life. As I spend countless hours on and off the water, I am always looking to improve both my physical and mental strength which are crucial in my sport. I am confident that I can continue to make small improvements to become faster and faster in this sport over the next few years.

“This is where we differ from the other clubs; we are more of a family than anything else.”